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Nope these dentures are not fabricated in Waterloo Ontario rather this term was coined during war times and because a step in the history of dentures. As we may have hinted to before on our blog replacement teeth were very popular for the wealthy and nobility and their main source for these teeth were the poor and cadavers; the term Waterloo teeth grew from this practice. After the battle of Waterloo scavengers extracted teeth from soldiers who had perished in the battle to sell to dentists. This practice was so popular that the term Waterloo Teeth became common and was even a symbol of pride for the wearers of these teeth. This practice extended far further than just the battle of Waterloo, it carried over to the American Civil War where barrels of teeth were shipped to dentists for dentures all over Europe. Dentures have much more history then we give them credit for!

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 The Teeth that saved the world. That’s a tall order for a set of dentures. But that is exactly what former British leader Winston Churchill’s dentures were said to be.

The partial set (pictured) was made by dental technician, Derek Cudlipp. It is believed that Cudlipp made three of four sets for Churchill so that he always had one to use in an emergency.

It is suspected that these teeth were made just at the start of the war making Churchill approximately 65 years old when he had them created. These dentures were unique because they were made intentionally loose! Churchill, from childhood, had a very distinctive natural lisp which he wanted to maintain because he was already so well known for it. The loose dentures preserved the diction famous from his Second World War-era radio broadcasts!

These dentures later went on to be auctioned in 2010, sold by the son of the dental technician who made them. The teeth, touted as the teeth that saved the world were sold for $24,550! They were purchased by a collector of Churchill memorabilia for three times the dentures estimated price!

We don’t know about you but we think that those are pretty impressive distinctions for a set of dentures!

We here at Langley Denture Clinic don’t know if we will ever make a set of teeth that will save the whole world but we aim to make dentures that change the world of our patients, allowing them to smile brightly!

In the discussion of famous denture wearers we couldn’t think of a more famous set of dentures than those of President George Washington! In all of history we don’t think there is a more talked about set of dentures than those worn by America’s founding father.

Legend has it that Washington’s dentures were fabricated out of wood! Fortunately for him that isn’t quite the case; could you imaging those splinters?! These infamous dentures were actually very advanced, taking their fabrication from a combination of hippopotamus, walrus, and elephant ivory, as well as horse and human teeth. That’s quite the improvement from a wooden set if you ask us.

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